About mobiccity
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About Mobile Income Community.

MOBILE INCOME CITY (MOBICCITY) is a digital community like a corporeal or physical community of people where inclusive administrative procedures are observed with governing rules and regulations to serve as a guide.

MOBICCITY is not different from a physical community whose vision of a well-organized online digital city with tailored profiling of every prospective member of the community before legitimizing their request by granting membership into the digital city (mobiccity.com). The aim is basically to accommodate and support business-minded and career professionals whose aim is to derive transactional and transformational value from their network.

Hence its central purpose of establishment isn't to grow traffic for advertisement; however, the community was established to bring together value-driven and visionary people for the sole purpose of creating multiple income sources to her members and by extension create wealth and prosperity to our community.

Gaining entry into mobiccity.com enables individuals and groups to begin generating multiple incomes for themselves.

Individuals or companies wishing to be a part of this income-generating digital city must apply for entry and get approved by the administrators before he/she can gain entry either as a visitor, Job seekers, investors, business, education, professionals, etc.


We have developed our digital economy to enable us to provide quality life and consistent earning to our community members, we also have various facilities and digital asset to add value to our members in the area of business, education, career, finance, health, food as well as social security.


Our community has numerous benefits and values to everyone that cuts across:


Finance & Investment

Education and Careers

Youth Development

Social Security

Health and Well-Being

Food Security and Agriculture /p>



There is a basic requirement to gain entry into our digital city (Mobiccity.com), each person, representative wishing to gain entry must complete his or her application, get approved, pay his/her minimal entry fees (if required) before gaining entry into our digital city (mobiccity.com). This in return is helping us filter out people with no economic value to our sustainable community.

Visitors are allowed entry into our digital city, but they are only permitted to participate for 30days, they may not be allowed to work, or carry out various businesses and transaction except they are coming for shopping.

Within this period visitors are allowed to learn skills, attain seminars, workshops and conferences, and other minor functions.


Those coming into our community but could not perform or earn reasonable income after six-twelfth months may be demanded to pay more to retain their membership or got repatriated from our community. .

Other members like investors, business owners, partners, and professionals are considered VIP members in the Community.