obic is a project oriented Discount Credit from Tracebig Global Limited which is used in www.****.com as a medium to subsidize goods and services for her holders. It is also a discount credit used in empowering the Youths, Women and Under-privileges in our rural communities, enabling them

Mobic Cash

Mobic Cash is a legal tender or coins used  in Mobiccity.com to subsidize goods and services for members, it is also use as means of exchange for goods and services on the said mobiccity.com and other related platform


This digital assets can be acquire and reserve by the wealthiest citizens in the society, Corporate Organization, Groups and Government for the sole purpose of empowering the Youths, Women, and the Under-Privileges in our local communities. MDA can be reserve as a treasure for future Appreciation and profits making.

Mobic Block

This is a digital heritage or an exchange link that enables her holders to become a permanent space holder in Mobiccity.com, two (2) millions mobic block available for acquisition.

Mobic City

Mobic City is a digital city like any physical community or country where Inclusive administrative procedures are observed with governing rules and regulations to serve as a guide, you can do the following in mobiccity.com: Buy, sell, study, work, hire, network, business, investment, trade, deal. In mobiccity.com you are dealing with legitimate and verified individuals and groups.

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