To explain the role of email marketing in business, the introduction features a series of industry statistics that prove the widespread usage of email marketing, as well as the fact that this segment of online marketing drives the highest ROI for marketers.

As the most powerful strategy for marketers in terms of ROI, email marketing is certainly an aspect of online marketing you need to explore, regardless if you are blogging to support your business, you have an e-commerce website or an affiliate blog. Still, it is important to understand that email marketing needs to be considered as a part of online marketing and it can benefit from different segments, from content marketing in particular.

The course will show you the basics of email marketing and what starting with email marketing really involves. You will then need to understand the types of emails and when they are used.

As the course continues, you will learn about the importance of a good mailing list. You will also learn what a good mailing list is, how to create one, how to update it and use segmentation to target your audience even better.

The next section analyzes email design and how each element can contribute to email campaign performance. Optimization of these elements, as well as the techniques for improving the performance, are all the aspects you should explore to ensure you get the best out of email marketing. Another segment that contributes to this success is email deliverability. You will learn what email deliverability is and how you can improve it with a series of tactics and optimization methods.

Analysis of email marketing campaigns provides a glimpse into what works for you and what does not. You will start by focusing on the relevant email marketing metrics, such as conversion rate, click-through rate, bounce rate, etc. Then you get to analyze each email element individually in the process of A/B testing. Hence, the chapter about A/B email campaign testing, with suggestions on how to run a test to get reliable results about your campaigns.

Lead nurturing as a strategy to strengthen your relationship with subscribers and use communication to build loyal following is the next topic you will discover in this course. You will learn what lead nurturing is and about helpful lead nurturing tactics. Stages of sales funnel are also mentioned in this section of the course.

Conversions occupy a very significant place in the email marketing performance, which is why this section of the course will help you understand the power of conversions and conversion tracking used to increase the number of conversions. Internet marketing tools can be helpful with this task, as well as with many other tasks related to email campaign management and monitoring.

Automation has found its application in email marketing as a powerful way to optimize email campaigns and reach subscribers at the particular moment. Using triggers helps with leveraging the power of email marketing automation, as well as having a consistent strategy, so explore this chapter to find out more about how email marketing automation can improve your efforts.

In the final chapter, the focus will be on mobile experience, and how email marketing needs to be optimized to provide seamless user experience to mobile users.


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